$1.75 million to build a Chinese Families & Community Centre

May 12, 2022 | Ben Morton, Federal Members

A re-elected Morrison Government will invest $1.75 million to support local volunteer organisation, Chinese Mum’s Incorporated WA, to build a dedicated facility for Chinese migrant mums to connect, support each other and raise their families together.

Liberal Member for Tangney, Ben Morton, said the volunteer mums working in the association have made a genuine difference in the lives of migrant mums starting out in WA.

“For the last five years, the association has supported Chinese migrant mums who face language and cultural barriers to connect with Australian culture, community services and government support,” Mr Morton said.

“It has also supported mums who face crises with limited social resources and network support, like domestic and family violence, bullying and illness.

“With over 800 members, the volunteer committee is unable to continue to provide reasonable services to its members by booking space at the Bull Creek Library and their own homes.

“A dedicated local Chinese Family & Community Centre gives them the security, flexibility and support to grow, holding more regular support groups, workshops and community services.

“A strong economy delivers a stronger and safer community, particularly for our migrant communities.”

Association President Jing Chen said, they started out this association five years ago to help other mums deal with the stress and difficulty raising a family in a new place.

“I am so happy that the association has grown with over 800 members – but we can’t cope without a private and secure place to provide support to the other mums,” Mrs Chen said.

“We are concerned about providing more help for mums and kids facing domestic and family violence. A dedicated and private place for mums to seek help and access community services will make it safer for them.

“This is an amazing commitment by Ben Morton and I sincerely thank him for his work.”

One of the founders of the Chinese Mum’s Association, a bilingual psychology counsellor in Mandarin and English, JingShu Li said, “Having our own stable venue is crucial for our families members, especially the new migrant families, where they can access and connect with others in the community, reach for help and support, knowing that they are not alone at a new place.”

Only the Morrison Government has a plan to continue delivering a strong economy and a stronger future for Tangney.

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