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Bill Shorten’s visit to Western Australia

02 June 2017

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has a number of questions he must answer for Western Australians on his visit today.

Shadow Treasurer Dean Nalder said Mr Shorten’s visit was an opportunity for him to unshackle himself from his Melbourne and Sydney-centric attitudes and outline his party’s position on issues of concern to Western Australians.

“Thousands of Western Australians are facing negative equity in their most important investment, their home, and Mr Shorten’s policy will make their situation even worse,” Mr Nalder said

“He needs to look Western Australian mum and dad investors in the eye and explain how his negative gearing policy will affect them, especially given Western Australian property prices have fallen significantly.”

Mr Nalder said the value of more than 50,000 homes was less than the amount owed on those homes.

“Mr Shorten’s policy may force investors to sell their properties, and put further downward pressure on all home prices.  His policy will not only affect mum and dad investors, but owner-occupiers as well.”

“With property prices falling, negative equity is a serious issue in Western Australia.  The Shorten plan might appeal to people living in Sydney or Melbourne, but will only have a negative impact on Perth homeowners.”

Mr Nalder said Mr Shorten must also outline the Federal Labor Party’s position on whether he supports a floor for the GST and the level at which it should be set.

“There is bipartisan support for a floor at a State level, and the Federal Liberal Party also supports a floor.

“In order for Western Australia to get a better deal, we need bipartisan support for a floor at a Federal level,” Mr Nalder said.  “Mr Shorten needs to speak up and tell Western Australians what his position is on this fundamental issue.

“If he does not outline his position while he is over here, it will be an indication that he does not support a floor and Premier Mark McGowan and Treasurer Ben Wyatt have failed to articulate Western Australia’s case for a better deal to their federal colleagues.

“The State and Federal Liberal Party are united in delivering a floor and maintaining a floor as Western Australia’s relativities improve.

“The only leader missing in action on this issue is Bill Shorten.  Today, he has the opportunity to tell Western Australians what Federal Labor’s position is.”