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100 Days of Backflips, Broken Promises and Bad Decisions

25 June 2017

The McGowan Government’s first 100 days have been backflips, broken promises and bad decisions.

The first 100 days show the Labor Party under Mark McGowan had a plan to get in to Government, but no plan to govern.

Here’s our full list of McGowan’s bad calls:

  • Reneging on their commitment to introduce mandatory minimum sentences for meth dealers and traffickers.
  • Back-flipped on commitment to no new taxes and no tax increases.
  • Increasing the cost of living with exorbitant power and water increases and failed to rule out a new property tax on family homes.
  • Abandoning the Government’s wages policy and imposing pay cuts on thousands of front line service workers to pay for Labor’s election commitments.
  • Failing to rule out the means testing of the WA Seniors Card, with the aim of reducing concessions for seniors to pay for Labor’s election commitments.
  • Stacking Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on the Corruption and Crime Commission, a committee that has always had bipartisan membership.
  • Failing to adequately consult with the community about its Education Central policy prior to the election, only to backflip on the policy after the election.
  • Double dipping on car allowances and only putting a stop to the practice after receiving questions from the media.
  • Sought an $11 billion loan despite claiming they had a plan to pay down State debt “slowly like a mortgage”.
  • Abandoning a pre-election commitment to a budget surplus in 2020 within three weeks of coming to office
  • Prematurely taking possession of the Perth Children’s Hospital before resolving water quality issues.
  • Nine Ministers taking holidays after only three months in the job.
  • Two Ministers undertook a pointless day trip to Sydney at a cost of $30,000 at a time when the Premier trumpeted constraint in Ministerial travel.
  • Caused confusion in the community with the Corrective Services Minister flagging he was looking to triage criminals out of prison and into the community.
  • Abandoning $1.2 billion in federal funds and preventing the creation of 10,000 direct and indirect jobs by stopping the congestion busting Perth Freight Link, a project that will also improve road safety.
  • Abandoned plans for a national park at Abrolhos Islands
  • Abandoned commitment to have fewer Ministerial staff.

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