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Labor Puts Meth Dealers Ahead of Families

The McGowan Labor Government today signalled it was more concerned about protecting the interests of meth dealers and traffickers, than families dealing with the scourge meth.

labors new taxes on families

Government knows electricity price rise, it just won’t tell you

The State Government has decided the quantum of electricity prices rises in Western Australia, to take effect from 1 July, but it just won’t tell Western Australians.

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Securing WA Naval Shipbuilding Jobs

The Turnbull Government has released Australia’s first Naval Shipbuilding Plan, outlining the nation’s largest ever programme of naval shipbuilding and sustainment.

perth modern

People power saves Perth Modern

The  State Government’s latest solution to fixing the pressing problem of overcrowding in the Western Suburbs schools is another thought bubble from the McGowan Government.

Perth Stadium

Renaming Perth Stadium – it’s just not cricket!

The State Opposition has called on the State Government to renege on its pre-election thought bubble to sell the naming rights to the Perth Stadium.


Bill Shorten’s visit to Western Australia

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has a number of questions he must answer for Western Australians on his visit today.

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$1.2 Billion Bonus Infrastructure and Job-Creating Gift to WA

The 2017 Federal Budget contains a $1.2 billion bonus infrastructure and job-creating gift to the people of Western Australia, according to Opposition Leader Mike Nahan.


McGowan Must Act Now To Make Our Beaches Safe

Premier Mark McGowan must step up and tell West Australians and the thousands of tourists who visit our beaches how he is going to keep them safe from shark attacks.

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Labor's Plan To Take Police Off Our Streets

Mark McGowan's plan for our safety is getting worse. Labor are taking Police off our streets, to put them behind desks!

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