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Bipartisan Support Essential for GST Reform

28 March 2017

This week, I wrote to Federal Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten calling on him to support the setting of a floor on the share of GST a state can receive.

The only way fairness will be restored to the distribution of the GST is if we achieve bipartisan support at a federal level.

Mr Shorten cannot be a spectator on this issue. He needs to tell all Australians whether he supports a fairer distribution of the nation’s income or whether he advocates the continuation of the unfair treatment of one group of Australians, simply because they live in Western Australia.

I have taken the campaign nationally and this week spoke on Sky News about this issue.

You can watch a video of the interview – and the reason it is imperative Mr Shorten supports the setting of a floor.

Mike Nahan
WA Liberal Leader