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Families and Households Will Pay For Labor Promises

11 May 2018

The 2018-19 State Budget handed down yesterday shows WA Labor still has no plan for debt, no plan for jobs and no plan for families.

Despite receiving a massive windfall from the Turnbull Liberal Government, the McGowan Labor Government will burden every household in Western Australia with almost $300 in additional fees and charges in the coming year.

WA is facing an environment of stagnant wages and fragile employment conditions and Labor continues to make this situation worse with their higher taxes and anti-growth policies targeted at WA’s mining and property industries.

Increasing Government fees and charges at 13 times the rate of inflation is not going to be easily absorbed by Western Australia’s one million households.

We now know it is families and households who will bear the cost of the McGowan Government’s $5 billion of extravagant election commitments.

It is extremely disappointing that even with a revenue windfall and increases in fees and charges many times the rate of inflation, the McGowan Government has not been able to make meaningful inroads into reducing State debt.

The McGowan Government has banked the funding provided by the Commonwealth Government, but have not provided required matched funding from the State.

The Government is playing a game of smoke and mirrors in claiming to reduce debt while omitting to include in the budget its contribution to major infrastructure projects such as Metronet, road projects and health infrastructure.

This means that while they are claiming there will be a surplus by the end of the forward estimates, and debt peaking at $40.9 billion, there are questions around the infrastructure spend this Government has committed the State to but not yet included in the Budget.

The Government continues to mislead regional Western Australia by manipulating Royalties for Regions and by the end of the forward estimates the program will have been gutted by 40 per cent.

The takeaway from Mark McGowan’s second Budget is that Labor simply can’t be trusted.

They lied to win Government and now Western Australians are paying the price through a lack of plan for jobs, higher taxes and hikes to fees and charges.

The Liberal Opposition will continue to hold the McGowan Government to account for their broken promises and we look forward to taking this message to the people of Darling Range in the upcoming by-election.

The Darling Range by-election will be a referendum on Mark McGowan, on him putting a fraudster up for election, on his broken promises on taxes, fees and charges and his cuts to services.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting me and my team, and the broader Liberal Party.

Your steadfast support is crucial to the Liberals’ future success and I look forward to continue to work with you on the challenges and opportunities ahead for the Liberal Party and our great State.