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Government knows electricity price rise, it just won’t tell you

16 June 2017

The State Government has decided the quantum of electricity prices rises in Western Australia, to take effect from 1 July, but it just won’t tell Western Australians.

Shadow Treasurer Dean Nalder said it was incumbent on the Government to give as much notice as possible to Western Australians of the impact of electricity prices rises on the household budget.

“What are they waiting for?  They know what the increase is – they should let Western Australians know.”

Treasurer Ben Wyatt told Parliament yesterday the Government had decided how much electricity prices will increase by, but refused to disclose how much the increase will be.

“There is no excuse to hide this information now that the Government has made a decision. 

“Let’s put Western Australians out of their misery and tell them how much electricity prices are going to increase by to pay for Mark McGowan’s $5 billion of election promises.

“Local government and small business also need this information so they can budget accordingly, and while the Treasurer knows how much electricity bills will rise by, he won’t tell the very people who need to know,” Mr Nalder said.

“You’ve made the decision, it’s time to tell us.”