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labors new taxes on families

Household Fees and Charges Increase by more than $1000

10 September 2017

Western Australian families will be facing increased household costs of more than $1000 a year by the end of the McGowan Government’s first term.

Shadow Treasurer Dean Nalder said the Government’s own budget papers showed government fees and charges imposed on the average household will increase by 19 per cent, driven by a 30 per cent increase in power charges and 18 per cent increase in water charges.

Mr Nalder said analysis of the State budget showed average annual household fees and charges would reach $6753, up from $5661 in 2016/17.

In addition to household fees and charges increasing by $440 in 2017/18, they will increase by a further $271 in 2018/19, $204 in 2019/20 and $178 in 2020/21.

“Over the duration of the McGowan Government, households will be paying more than $3000 extra in fees and charges,” Mr Nalder said.

“Even with the increases in household fees and charges, Government debt under the McGowan Government will still increase by more than 30 per cent to $43.6 billion.

“The Government says everyone needs to share the pain to pay for budget repair, but this Government is not actually fixing the budget.  

“Household fees and charges are increasing, taxes are increasing, new taxes are being brought in, jobs are being lost and debt is increasing.

“That is not budget repair.

“The Government is making every effort to blame its predecessor for the state of the budget.  The fact is, the increased debt and deficit is because Labor went to the election with extravagant, unfunded and unaffordable pork-barrelling.”

Mr Nalder said there was no one to blame for the forecast debt of $43.6 billion other than Mark McGowan and Ben Wyatt.

“It’s easy now to see why Mark McGowan didn’t have his commitments costed by Treasury before the last election,” he said. 

“He was happy to travel around the State telling voters what he would spend, but he didn’t want to tell Western Australians what it would cost them.”