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KPIs for McGowan’s First Budget

The McGowan Government is committed to key performance indicators.

Some appropriate KPIs for the McGowan Government’s first budget are found in their own words.

The following are the KPIs the McGowan Government’s budget can be measured against:


"There will be no new taxes on West Australians, full stop. If we are elected, there will be no new taxes on West Australians or increases in taxes on West Australians.. If we're elected, full stop," he said.

Source: Mark McGowan, ABC, 21 February 2017


“I have already said a number of times I don’t support tax increases in the current economic environment.”

Source: Ben Wyatt, 6PR, 24 January 2017


“It’s not my intention to raise taxes but I don’t want to put out a false hope,” Mr Wyatt said.

Source: WA Business News, 8 February 2017


“Labor will repay debt slowly and carefully, like paying off a house.”

Labor’s Fresh Ideas booklet, January 2017


Mr McGowan claimed the budget to be unveiled by his treasurer on September 7 would be the "best in living memory"

Source: ABC, 6 August 2017