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labors new taxes on families

Labor Hits Families to Pay for $5 billion of Election Promises

22 June 2017

WA families are reeling from today’s announcement by the State Government that they can expect household fees to go up on average by $438 in the coming year.

Shadow Treasurer Dean Nalder said today the increased fees and charges, including an average increase of 10.9 per cent for electricity, would hit small households and self-funded retirees hardest.

“Those people who struggle to pay their household bills over the coming year need to know they are not improving the state’s financial position they are paying for Labor’s $5 billion of election commitments,” Mr Nalder said.

“It’s clear now why Labor refused to submit their costings to Treasury before the last election because it would have shown a hole in their budget that they needed to fund.

“Every household faces a $169 increase in their power bill, no matter how much or how little electricity they use. They could use no electricity and their bill will increase from $177 to $346 a year.

There is additional pain for self-funded retirees without a Commonwealth concession card; with cuts to rebate entitlements they will now pay up to an extra $500 in water charges and up to $650 in council rates.

“All of this from the Premier who promised in Opposition and campaigned hard in the election to keep electricity prices down. It’s a broken promise of the worst kind,” Mr Nalder said.

“Families have also been hit with an average annual increase in water charges of $97 and increases in vehicle licence charges, public transport costs and third-party insurance.

“Every time someone has a shower, does the washing or boils the kettle, they are paying for Mark McGowan’s extravagant unfunded and unaffordable election promises.

“Labor knew the state of the finances before the election.  They campaigned at the election wanting to take control of the finances. They campaigned wanting to add $5 billion in spending commitments. 

“The massive increases in household bills announced today are not budget repair.  This is the McGowan levy to pay for McGowan’s unfunded and unaffordable election commitments