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Labor Puts Meth Dealers Ahead of Families

22 June 2017

The McGowan Labor Government today signalled it was more concerned about protecting the interests of meth dealers and traffickers, than families dealing with the scourge meth.

In State Parliament today, the McGowan Labor Government opposed amendments introduced by the Liberal Opposition to ensure mandatory minimum jail sentences for meth dealers and traffickers.

Shadow Police Minister Peter Katsambanis said the Premier had gone back on an election promise and failed the people of Western Australia by going soft on meth dealers.

“At the state election, Labor matched the Liberals commitment to introduce mandatory minimum jail sentences for meth dealers and traffickers,” Mr Katsambanis said.

“Mr McGowan was crystal clear during the election.  He said he would match the Liberals commitment to mandatory minimum jail terms. 

“Western Australians went to the election believing the Labor Party would honour their word and introduce mandatory minimum jail sentences for meth dealers and traffickers if they were elected.

“Today, Labor let Western Australians down by going back on their word.”

Mr Katsambanis said Labor’s legislation to increase the maximum penalty for meth dealers and traffickers was window dressing.

“What the community are calling out for is an assurance that meth dealers and traffickers will be put away for a minimum amount of time if they run a business pushing this insidious drug.

“Guaranteed substantial terms behind bars will make dealers and traffickers consider whether a term in prison will be worth it.  Our policy would have disrupted supply and reduced demand.  Labor’s policy does nothing.”

Mr Katsambanis said this was one more broken promise by the McGowan Government within one hundred days of being sworn in.