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labors new taxes on families

Labor to Increase Household Charges

06 April 2017

The McGowan Labor Government today laid down the groundwork to break a series of election promises which they knew they could not fund prior to the election.

  • McGowan Government to cut the pay of police, nurses and teachers
  • McGowan Government to increase household electricity bills by $108
  • McGowan Government to increase household water bills by $113
  • McGowan Government to increase public transport charges by $84

WA Liberal Leader, Mike Nahan said Western Australians must prepare for increases in taxes, household charges and cuts to frontline services.

“The Labor Government has confirmed household charges will rise by $300. Make no mistake, this is to pay for Mark McGowan’s $5 billion of election commitments.”

“While the Government has come out today feigning shock at the state of the finances, nothing has changed from the pre-election forecasts. The truth is, there are absolutely no financial surprises in today’s update. The Labor Opposition was repeatedly warned of write downs to GST revenue, especially due to slowing population growth”.

“Labor chose to take political advantage rather than doing the hard work of developing a credible and realistic financial plan”.

“They knew the state of the finances, but they disregarded it and went on their spending spree and Western Australian households will now pay for it,” Dr Nahan said

Treasury spokesperson, Dean Nalder said while the Government had released negative impacts to hit the state finances, they failed to detail the uplift in iron ore prices.

“The iron ore assumption at the time of the Pre-Election Financial Position Statement was $70.30 in 2016-17. Iron ore is currently trading at $81.54 – this $11 difference is worth $836 million in 2016-17 alone. This important fact was left out of Labor’s announcement today.”

“Why has Labor included the negative hits to the state’s finances, but failed to include the positive impacts? They are softening the public up for increases to household fees and charges, simply to pay for Mark McGowan’s $5 billion of election promises.

“Of greatest concern is that Labor has absolutely no credible plan to address Western Australia’s economic and financial situation. They knew the state of finances before the election; they said they had a plan and they said there would be no new taxes and charges.

“Labor promised $5 billion additional spending and promised no increases in taxes and charges. Are they now going to break those promises or cut front line services to fund their commitments?” Mr Nalder said.