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Let's Build the Roe to Make Roads Safer and Create Thousands of Jobs

13 March 2020

WA Liberal Leader Liza Harvey has again called on the government to put politics aside and put local jobs first by building Roe 8 & 9.

“Roe 8 & 9 would create thousands of local jobs, fix congestion and make our southern suburbs safer,” Mrs Harvey said.

“It’s ready to roll, the Government should just get on with it.

“Roe 8 & 9 would benefit our whole community. The majority of traffic on Roe 8 & 9 would be cars, making it easier for people in the southern suburbs to get home and to work.

“There is $1.2 billion in Federal Government funding available right now to build Roe 8 & 9.

“It’s infuriating that Mark McGowan refuses to access critical infrastructure funding for WA, we could create thousands of jobs right now, when we need them most.”

Shadow Minister for Transport Libby Mettam said the current stop-start traffic was a major factor in causing accidents.

“Roe 8 & 9 takes 74,000 cars and 7,000 trucks off our local roads and will save lives by making our roads safer and free flowing,” Ms Mettam said.

“Independent research shows 70% of the residents of the City of Cockburn and the City of Melville, communities that actually live around Roe 8 & 9, want Roe 8 & 9 built.”

“Our community want Roe 8 & 9 because it will make our community safer and create local jobs.”

Instead of fixing local traffic congestion, the McGowan Government has introduced Legislation in Parliament to delete the Roe 8 road reserve forever.

“It’s one thing to ignore Federal funding for WA that is available right now, it’s another thing to recklessly delete the road reserve forever, in an attempt to stop a future Harvey Liberal government from building this road,” Mrs Harvey said.

“Mark McGowan has ignored the community and killed off the biggest single infrastructure project in the metropolitan area for political gains.”

“Roe 8 & 9 would help fix local traffic congestion, get cars and trucks off local roads and make our community safer. Let’s build the Roe.” Mrs Harvey said.