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McGowan Must Act Now To Make Our Beaches Safe

19 April 2017

Premier Mark McGowan must step up and tell West Australians and the thousands of tourists who visit our beaches how he is going to keep them safe from shark attacks.

  • McGowan Government stalls on shark attack mitigation 
  • Subsidised device not 100 per cent effective

Deputy Leader of the Opposition Liza Harvey said today that a $200 subsidy on a more than $600 device for 1000 West Australians did not amount to a comprehensive shark attack mitigation policy.

“After the absolute tragedy of this week Mr McGowan cannot seriously look anyone in the eye and say ‘this is all I have’,” Ms Harvey said.

“Even with a $200 subsidy this is an expensive device, many families won’t be able to afford one device, let alone one for each family member, and it’s been shown not to be 100 per cent effective.”

“Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly is swiping lots of other options off the table but putting nothing back.”

Ms Harvey said the issue of shark populations needed to be addressed.

“My colleagues and I are receiving feedback from fishermen, surfers and others who spend a lot of time on the water that there is an explosion in shark numbers,” she said.

“The Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg has taken a bi-partisan approach and offered Mr McGowan a way forward, welcoming any proposals, including culling, new drum-line technology and barriers but again, Mr Kelly again swiped the offer off the table.

“Mr Kelly’s plea on radio this morning that he was ‘only sworn in 30 days ago’ is not good enough.

“This Government had eight years in Opposition to develop effective policies and if they didn’t do so, then they are not ready for Government.”