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2020 cabinet

New look Liberal team now election ready

29 February 2020

Liberal Leader Liza Harvey has unveiled her new look, election-ready Shadow Cabinet.

Corrective Services Shadow Minister Sean L’Estrange has been given additional responsibilities, taking in the dynamic portfolios of Emergency Services, Defence Issues and Racing and Gaming.

Shadow Police Minister Peter Katsambanis will oversee the new portfolio of Justice. This portfolio reflects a more holistic party approach to policy and legislation across the judicial sphere, utilising Peter’s past experience and his current responsibilities as Chairman, Community Development and Justice Standing Committee.

MLCs Tjorn Sibma, the Opposition’s watchdog on Government Accountability and Procurement, Public Sector Integrity and Performance, will become the new Shadow Minister for Planning, while Shadow Child Protection minister Nick Goiran will take over the Commerce portfolio.

Shadow Environment Minister Steve Thomas will now oversee Finance, “a portfolio that will have a significantly stronger focus by the Opposition in the lead-up to the election, reflecting the importance of the economy, jobs and the impacts on cost of living and tax policy”, Ms Harvey said.

Libby Mettam will take Ports into her Transport responsibilities.

Homeless crusader Tony Krsticevic has been given the important Housing portfolio and will also assist the Leader in Citizenship & Multicultural Affairs.

Tony will also become the new Whip in the Legislative Assembly in a strategic move to free up the hardworking Alyssa Hayden, whose Darling Range seat will be pivotal in any Liberal Party win in March next year.

Download the full Shadow Cabinet list.