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People power saves Perth Modern

13 June 2017

The  State Government’s latest solution to fixing the pressing problem of overcrowding in the Western Suburbs schools is another thought bubble from the McGowan Government.

Shadow Education Minister Donna Faragher said the announcement that Perth Modern School would not be moved to an inner city high-rise building was the right way to fix what was an unnecessary and flawed policy.

“The Opposition welcomes the Government’s decision to reverse its flawed Education Central policy  that was made without consultation with or consideration of the people who would be most affected,” Mrs Faragher said.

“As much as we welcome the Government’s decision on Perth Modern, we also call on them to not repeat their mistake by rushing into a policy for a school at Kitchener Park in Subiaco without consultation or proper planning.

“This is policy on the run that, at a glance, would seem difficult to achieve in the timeframe they have given.

“The previous Government had a solution that ticked all the boxes and the current Government has still failed to explained why it is not the right solution.”

Opposition Leader Mike Nahan said the wider Subiaco precinct, which included the soon-to-be vacant Princess Margaret Hospital, needed a long-term strategic plan rather than a reactive thought bubble.

“Glossy pictures do not substitute for good planning which takes into account the needs of the wider community,” Dr Nahan said.

“This is a very important site in which many groups and organisations have a vested interest; a co-ordinated consultative approach to its future is essential.”