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Record Education Funding for WA

26 June 2017

The Turnbull Government is delivering real needs-based funding for our schools to ensure students get the support and quality education they need to succeed.

The necessary legislation to deliver this historic reform to education funding has now passed the Parliament, delivering significant benefits to students, parents and teachers.

It represents a major investment in Australia’s future.

This reform will deliver an additional $23.5 billion, on top of the 2016 Budget, for Australian schools over the next decade. As proposed by David Gonski’s Review of School Funding, our reforms will ensure that investment is distributed according to need.

Our reforms ensure students with the same need within the same sector attract the same support from the Commonwealth Government, regardless of where they live.

The Turnbull Government’s plan ensures students who need the most support, get the most support as quickly as possible.

Record Investment in WA Schools

WA is the biggest winner in the country from the Turnbull Government’s education funding reform, set to recieve an extra $1.62 billion investment in our schools.

"There is no bigger winner in Australia than Western Australia."
- Education Minister, Simon Birmingham

Under the Turnbull Government's education funding reform plan, WA schools will be the best resourced in the country.

WA Public Schools will receive 10% funding growth year on year over the next decade and per student funding on average for WA schools will increase by $2,630 over the decade and funding for WA Government schools will increase by $358 million over the next four years. 

This is great news for Western Australian schools, students, parents and teachers.

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