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Renaming Perth Stadium – it’s just not cricket!

08 June 2017

The State Opposition has called on the State Government to renege on its pre-election thought bubble to sell the naming rights to the Perth Stadium.

Shadow Sports Minister John McGrath said it was not appropriate to brand such a spectacular landmark with a temporary corporate name.

“Perth should be the name being broadcast into homes around the world every time an international event is held at the stadium,” Mr McGrath said.

“Selling the naming rights to what will be an iconic building was a cobbled together thought bubble Labor came up with when they were looking for opportunities to fund their $5 billion of election promises.

“They should not cheapen Perth with this crazy idea. 

“Perth Stadium should be integral to the Government’s destination marketing activities for years to come and the value derived from this will far exceed any relatively small revenue gains from selling the naming rights.”

Mr McGrath said the Government should take the advice of the experts in tourism and make it clear immediately that Perth Stadium will not be rebranded.