As 2023 draws to a close, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on what has been a year of renewal and repositioning for our Party.

The political landscape looks very different to the one that existed 12 months ago. The community is well and truly alive to the failures of Labor at both the state and federal level, which creates significant opportunities for us. It is now up to us to do the work required to convert those opportunities into electoral success.

Over the course of this year, the WA Liberal Party has been faced with two significant electoral contests that were not of our choosing – the Rockingham by-election and the referendum on Labor’s proposed Voice to Parliament.

In both cases, the Party knew we faced opponents who enjoyed the institutional advantages of incumbency and significant financial resources. Yet, we recognised that it was important to stand up for our fundamental values and principles. 

And in both cases, the results demonstrated the positive progress that can be achieved when the Party works cooperatively, holds Labor to account for its failings and concentrates on prosecuting the Liberal vision for WA and Australia.

Maintaining that focus, work ethic and a positive attitude will be critical heading into 2024. 

With nominations now open for all state and federal electorates, our immediate task is to choose talented candidates who embody Liberal values, will be champions for their local communities and who have the capacity and drive to build support and win seats from Labor. The new year will also require a sustained focus on fundraising, so that our new team of candidates can run effective campaigns on the ground to defeat well-resourced Labor incumbents.

I encourage all members of our Party to enjoy a good break over the Christmas/New Year period – because as soon as we return the pace will be unrelenting!

Thank you for all you have done to support the Party this year – and for all that I know you are going to do in the year to come. Your contribution to our Party is much appreciated and the organisation’s leadership is enormously grateful for it. 

To all those travelling over the break, please be safe on our roads.

Merry Christmas!

Caroline Di Russo
State President