Progress on Reform

Western Australians deserve a clear choice at every election.

That’s why we are driving change to regain their trust. We have heard them loud and clear and are working hard to deliver to the standard they expect from us.

The Liberal Party of Western Australia has embarked on the most significant reform process in decades, following the release of the 2021 WA State Election Review.

This will be a difficult process, but we have already taken some very important steps along that journey.

On 4 September, State Council agreed to adopt 29 of the 66 recommendations and undertake further consultation on those remaining.

On 2 October, a workshop was held to discuss the principals of preselection reform. A week later at State Conference, we passed a motion giving support to plebiscites, agreeing to a trial in five Federal seats. This is the first time in our history this model has been used across so many seats.

In addition, the preselection for the seat of Peace was also conducted using the trail plebiscite model.

Currently, there are three reform processes underway which focus on:

  1. Preselection Reform
  2. Increasing Women’s Participation
  3. Organisation and Constitutional Change

Work is also being undertaken in other key areas, as identified in the report, and this page will continue to be updated as we make important progress.


In Progress
Increasing Women’s Participation
In Progress
In Progress
Organisation Structure and Constitutional Reform

In Progress

IT Infrastructure and Membership
Not Yet Started
These efforts will result in a reform package to be presented and considered at the 2022 State Conference.

Preselection Reform

The review and State Conference has identified that reform is necessary, now we need to decide what principles any future reform will be based on

Where we are now

We are undertaking consultation with each of the 15 Divisions, giving every member the opportunity to have a say about how we choose our candidates in Western Australia.

All participants are asked for their opinion on how preselections should improve across four key principles; ensuring they are larger, more local, simpler to administer, and that we have the right candidate vetting process in place.

After each workshop, the State President provides a letter to the Divisional President which outlines the discussion that took place in the workshop. That letter, the response if one has been received, and the exercise which shows what members want to see across each principle, can be found below. 

The following workshops have been undertaken:

What happens next?

With the feedback from these workshops, the State President has issued this memo to State Council, which outlines drafting instructions for the Constitutional & Drafting Committee.

Members are invited to provide comment on models identified in the memo and drafting instructions by Friday 18 March 2022 via

Submissions will be made public on this website as they are received.

The C&D Committee will use the memo, submissions received, and feedback from additional consultation workshops to guide their drafting of the constitutional amendments which operationalise changes to the way we select candidates.

The final model will be circulated to Party members at least 42 days prior to the 2022 State Conference, to enable detailed consideration by delegates

Preselection Fact Pack

Memo to State Counil

Women’s Participation

The review highlighted representation & participation of women in the Organisationaland Parliamentary wings of the Party needs to improve.
Where we are now

There is a clear need for change. We are undertaking consultation with the Liberal Women’s Council and their members to draft and endorse principles to improve participation.

A number of group sessions will be undertaken to provide Party members with the opportunity to have their say on what needs to change.

What happens next?

At the conclusion of these group sessions, we will identify models based on what Party members have told us they want to see and provide them a further opportunity for input.

Preferred strategies will then be drafted and included in the reform package.  

Women’s Participation Fact Pack

Further Resources

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