Bianca Talbot

Liberal for Kwinana

0474 265 456


I’m Bianca Talbot, your local Liberal candidate for the district of Kwinana.

Kwinana is a great community, but we can do better. I’ve heard many locals say that they feel unsafe and want more police on the streets to
protect them. I’m committed to fighting for a safer and more vibrant community with better employment opportunities for young people.

I previously worked as a personal trainer for five years before entering the legal profession.

Practising as a lawyer has made me develop a keen appreciation for the Rule of Law and our robust legal system. However, crime is an issue in our community and faith in our legal system suffers greatly if police lack the resources required to keep criminals off the streets.

My husband and I also run a small family-run business and I appreciate the hard work and sacrifice involved in starting and running a business.

I am committed to being a strong and passionate advocate for Kwinana residents in State Parliament.

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