Two indicators of power failure on the same day 

Aug 17, 2023 | State News, Steve Thomas MLC

The Shadow Minister for Energy Dr Steve Thomas says that the statement today from the Minister for Energy informing us that the closure of the Muja 6 coal generation unit is to be deferred until after the next state election is yet another admission of failure by a Government in denial about the shambolic delivery of its energy transition plan.

It comes on the same day of release by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) of the Statement of Market Opportunities for the Western Australian energy system, which Dr Thomas called a wake up call for the Cook Government and reinforces the position Dr Thomas has taken on the state’s energy supply.

“The cynical timing of the announcement today on the extension of Muja 6 should also ring alarm bells for the entire community” Dr Thomas said.

“Perhaps the Government is trying to divert attention from the AEMO report.

“Dragging the operational life of the 193 Megawatt unit 6 at Muja to the month after the next state election simply reflects the desperation of the Government that knows that as its transition plans evolves it can’t keep the lights on.

“I have repeatedly said that the current plan is underfunded and incomplete, and to attain the desired transition will require massive investments in generation, transmission and storage.

“The Government is on track to deliver none of these.

“The Government announced a $3.8 billion transition plan last year and cut it back to $3 billion in this year’s budget.

“The plan to transition our energy system is going backwards not forwards under the McGowan-Cook Governments, and their only solution is to hope that the private sector will ride to their rescue.

“And frankly hope is not sufficient.

“ I think the crisis point for electricity supply is 2027, but the Cook Government is now expecting it two years earlier, and that should concern everyone who plans to turn on a light switch in years to come.”