Rolling review of Level 2 restrictions required

Mar 1, 2022 | David Honey MLA, State News

The Opposition has called for a rolling review of the Level 2 restrictions over the next four weeks, to prevent WA communities and businesses being impacted for longer than necessary.

Opposition Leader Mia Davies said the Premier claimed a few days ago he was ‘not keen’ to bring in Level 2 restrictions, but they will now be brought in with just three days’ notice.

“Given we have just 16 people in hospital, no-one in ICU and high vaccination rates in the community, we continue to ask if everything the Premier is imposing is a proportionate response to the risk we have in WA,” Ms Davies said.

“The Premier seems to change his mind about life-changing rules on a day-by-day basis.

“West Australians are already fatigued from the past two years of the pandemic, but this regular chopping and changing of restrictions has turned that fatigue into exhaustion.”

Ms Davies said the introduction of harsher restrictions marked the beginning of a difficult next phase for many West Australians who spent the last two years doing the right thing.

She said Opposition Members had been flooded with calls from constituents, businesses and community organisations, scrambling to deal with the implementation of the latest announcement.

“In particular, the requirement for young children to wear masks at school has been raised as this is a new and significant challenge for schools and parents to navigate,” Ms Davies said.

Leader of the WA Liberals Dr David Honey said the new COVID rules do not reflect the Premier’s language just a few days ago, when he said he was apprehensive to engage Level 2 restrictions.

“These announcements have thrown the plans of thousands of West Australians into chaos and reinforce people’s concerns that they can’t make plans for the future,” Dr Honey said.

“The 150-person capacity limit for businesses will see many struggle even more, as for many larger venues, this restriction equates to a 6 square metre rule or even greater.

“The Premier needs to have a much more common-sense approach to the hospitality restrictions and an appropriate compensation package is needed – he must not short-change businesses.

“The McGowan Government has had over two years to prepare for this re-opening, they should immediately announce the compensation for businesses affected by these new restrictions.”