Yet Another Metronet Blowout

Jun 16, 2020 | State News

Transport Shadow spokesperson Libby Mettam MLA has again raised concerns over the total cost of the McGowan Labor Government’s flagship Metronet project, in light of today’s announcement for the Armadale Line sky rail. 

“Labor’s mismanagement of Metronet has resulted in the largest cost blowouts in Western Australian history, anticipated to cost WA taxpayers almost $2 billion extra before this announcement from what they promised at the election,” said Ms Mettam. 

“There comes a point when the people of Western Australia are entitled to know the true cost of the Metronet program. The McGowan Labor Government promised gold standard transparency, yet as today’s announcement shows the government prefers confidentiality and providing as little detail as possible. 

“Labor have missed every major Metronet milestone, delaying the project and vital jobs by years. 

“All the McGowan Labor Government has delivered from their Metronet election commitments are huge cost blowouts and delays. 

“This is simply another plan that is unlikely to deliver a single job until well after the next State election. 

“The separation of road and rail is certainly something we would support, particularly at the Denny Road intersection. 

“While the WA Liberals supports the long awaited removal of these dangerous level crossings, people are rightly concerned about getting it right the first time, with concerns already being raised from the local government and the community over amenity issues related to an above ground sky rail in residential areas.” 

Fast facts: 

  • During the election, Labor promised four level crossings (including Denny Avenue in Kelmscott; Caledonian Avenue in Maylands; Oats Street in Victoria Park; and Wharf Street in Queens Park) at $257 million, costed at between $50 to $70 million per crossing. 
  • The 2019-20 State Budget committed a total of $415 million specifically towards the removal of three level crossings (Mint, Oats, Welshpool). Funding for the remaining three (Wharf, Hamilton, Williams) is subject to an agreement with the Federal Government. 
  • Metronet is becoming a Western Australian project delivered largely by foreign contractors. 
  • Costs associated with the Morley Ellenbrook line include; $1 billion for MEL, $253 million for Bayswater Station, $200 million for MEL works in Tonkin Gap 
  • Morley Ellenbrook Line was promised $863 million, currently budget line is $1 billion. Construction was to start in 2019, contracted to be awarded 2020. 
  • Yanchep line promised $386 million, now $531 million (38% increase). Construction was promised for 2019 major works now late 2020. 
  • Thornlie Cockburn line promised $474 million, now $716 million (51% increase). Construction was promised for 2019 major works now late 2020. 
  • Byford Rail extension promised $291 million, now $481 million (63% increase). Construction promised for 2021, final business case to be delivered by late 2020. 
  • The McGowan Labor Government has confirmed all of the above contracts which will form part of the OMTID will go to major tier 1 contractors (exception of Byford). 
  • The McGowan Labor Government have overseen the largest cost and time blowouts for rail projects in WA history. 
  • In three and a half years not a single centimetre of new rail has been laid by the McGowan Labor Government.