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Alyssa Hayden

Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier; Minister for Tourism; Science

Member for East Metro

Hon Alyssa Hayden MLC was elected to the Western Australian Government as a Member for the East Metropolitan Region in the Legislative Council on 6 September 2008. She was re-elected on 9 March 2013, and is currently serving her second term.

Appointed in March 2013, Alyssa is currently Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier; Minister for Tourism; Science.

Alyssa also holds the following position:

  • Member of the Parliamentary Services Committee (22 May 2013 – present)

Previously, Alyssa has been a Member of the:

  • Joint Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation (4 June 2009 – 14 December 2012)
  • Joint Standing Committee on the Review of the Racing and Wagering Western Australia Acts (24 September 2009 – 21 October 2010)
  • Standing Committee on Legislation (16 August 2012 – 21 May 2013), and
  • Deputy Chairman of Committees (16 August 2012 – 14 December 2013).

Having lived in the East Metropolitan Region all her life, Alyssa holds a deep passion for her electorate. She is focused on ensuring that the Region receives its fair share of both State and Federal Government support and assistance in order for it to grow and for the community to prosper.

Alyssa sees transport as an important industry and a significant employer, especially within the East Metropolitan Region.  Alyssa has devoted a lot of time to improving the standards and conditions for truck drivers and the industry as a whole.

With over 10 years’ experience as a local small business operator, Alyssa is a driving force to reduce red tape for small business.  She works hard to ensure that business is enhanced by government, rather than restricted by it.

In her role assisting the Premier in Tourism as his Parliamentary Secretary, she has been asked to combine her passion for tourism and the need to reduce red tape so as to encourage and enable growth within the industry.

Alyssa is a proud Western Australian eager to see future development, expansion and growth within tourism and to promote Western Australia to attract international and interstate travellers.  With tourism generating 94,000 jobs and contributing $9.3b to our State’s annual economy, Alyssa is an avid supporter of this sector and has a vision to see tourism become one of this State’s biggest assets.

Office Details

6 Keane Street,
Midland WA 6056

Tel: (08) 9274 8484

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