Amanda Madden

Candidate for Maylands

With an academic and professional background in education and business, Amanda Madden is in tune with local issues and connected to the local Bayswater community. Her combination of experiences includes time spent in the classroom educating our leaders of tomorrow, as well as corporate experience and substantial knowledge of local, State and Federal government matters. 

Amanda is a skilled, dynamic, enthusiastic and self-motivated leader who continues to strive for excellence by undertaking learning and research as an everyday part of life.  She has a strong interest in helping people reach their full potential and her career history recognises her strengths not just as an educator, but as a business manager. 

Having been an educator, Amanda understands the importance and value of offering greater opportunities to future generations, and an integral part of this is to promote sustainable and efficient growth. She has a firm grasp of the many varied issues currently affecting the community. Maylands is evolving and growing and investment in significant infrastructure, education, culture and the arts is an investment in the future of Maylands and our children’s future.

Married, with a daughter who is currently completing Year 12, Amanda knows what it means to be a mother balancing a growing family with work and community commitments.  She believes strongly in the importance and significance of the family in the development of strong individuals.  She also believes in the importance of community and the role this plays within our social, economic and political landscape. 

Amanda is a proud member of the Liberal Party – a party with sound values to effect change and to make a difference and to be a part of the process of giving back to the wider community.  She would like to work as part of a team with the people of Maylands towards delivering economic stability, growth, free enterprise and prosperity as well as focusing on individual initiative and personal responsibility. 

Fundamentally, Amanda believes in the value of listening to and understanding the issues important to the Maylands electorate. Delivering positive outcomes for the community of Maylands is something that she looks forward to doing.