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Brian Ellis

Member for Agricultural

Brian was elected to Parliament part-term on 16 July 2007 to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Hon Margaret Rowe.  He was re-elected just over a year later on 6 September 2008 and again in 2013.

With a personal creed that “no road is too long or too dusty”, Brian clocks up an impressive mileage around the huge Agricultural Region, which is the second largest electorate in Western Australia.

A third generation farmer with a fourth generation on the land and a fifth generation running around in the paddocks, Brian has a long history with the Agricultural Region. This has given him a ‘hands-on’ approach to agricultural issues which come before the parliament.

As Secretary to the Parliamentary Liberal Party and liaises closely with the Premier and with the Department of Premier & Cabinet.  In 2015 he was successful in persuading the Premier to retain and expand the WA Trade Office in Jakarta.
Brian was elected by his parliamentary peers as Deputy Chair of Committees in the Legislative Council where he presides over the chamber during the absence of the President.  He has also chaired and served on numerous Legislative Council Committees.

For over six years Brian held the position of Chair of the Rural & Remote Education Advisory Committee (RREAC) during which time he met regularly with parents from regional areas and reported direct to the Minister for Education. Brian has taken to heart the finding of the founder of RREAC that the ‘one size fits all’ policy does not work in the bush, and he champions the need to look at regional education from ‘outside the square’.

Prior to entering Parliament Brian served as Moora Deputy Shire President for five years.  He played a pivotal role in coordinating the response to the devastating Moora floods, and was subsequently awarded the WA Local Government Association’s Distinguished Service Award for Services to the Community.

Amongst other community roles, he served as Director of the Wheatbelt Area Consultative Committee for three years, chaired the Wheatbelt-North Moora Subgroup for Road Funding (which comprised seven Shire Councils), chaired the Moora Landcare Management Committee Representative and was a representative on the Rural Water Council.
These responsibilities were instrumental in Brian developing a comprehensive understanding of Local Government and regional issues, and he is proud to bring a country voice to the WA Parliament.

Office Details

Unit 1, Druids Hall,
Corner Durlacher and Sanford Streets,
Geraldton WA 6530

Tel: (08) 9923 9211

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