Eleni Evangel

Member for Perth

With an academic and professional background in education and media, City of Perth Councillor of eight years and as a Member of Parliament for the State electorate of Perth, Eleni is in tune with local issues and connected to her local community. Eleni’s combination of experiences in the classroom educating our leaders of tomorrow, world of media experience and local and State government knowledge have reinforced the value of listening to  and understanding the issues important to the Perth electorate.

Delivering positive outcomes for her community is a process Eleni finds extremely rewarding.

Eleni and her husband Bill, who is a Perth based small business owner, are the proud parents of three children, all currently studying at University. Eleni’s family has always been very supportive of her role as a Councillor of the City of Perth and, since the March 2013 election, as the representative of the Perth electorate in WA Parliament.Eleni draws inspiration from her children regularly.Having been an educator, Eleni understands the importance and value of facilitating greater opportunities for future generations.An integral component of this is to promote sustainable and efficient growth.

“Perth is evolving into a dynamic 21st Century City. Our Liberal government’s investment in significant infrastructure, education, culture and the arts is an investment in our children’s future!”

Eleni is always around the Perth electorate. She lives and works in the area.

You can often find Eleni meeting with a constituent in one of the local cafés, shopping at the local shopping centres, walking through Northbridge chatting to people, or catching up with family and friends in the area. In fact, Eleni’s connection to the Perth electorate, particularly Northbridge, dates back to the late 60s! Her late father, Tassos Parissis, was one of the first nightclub owners in the area (‘The Top Hat Caberet’, which is now ‘Connections Nightclub!’) and opened the first Kebab shop in Perth, the ‘Plaka Coffee House’. Keeping with family tradition, her brother, Andrew Parissis, is the owner of the popular ‘Siena’s of Leederville’ on Oxford Street.

The return of the Liberal Government is imperative for Perth!

The 2008 election of the Liberal Party was a win for the State. However, Eleni believes it was a particular windfall for the electorate of Perth. It hailed the end of an 8 year drought for our City, following a period which featured a lack of commitment by the previous government. Following the 2008 election, the Liberal government actioned key infrastructure projects such as the Link, Waterfront, Cultural Centre renewal and Riverside project. The release of the 2012-2013 state budget show commitments to a new Museum and Stadium.

These are projects Eleni has always supported and believes are tremendous coups for the Perth electorate. Eleni is, and has always been, committed to ‘putting Perth first’ and delivering a positive result for the people of Perth as their local Member.

Eleni believes in reducing our carbon footprint, educating our community and working towards a sustainable future for Perth!

We all know the saying “education begins at home”… Eleni believes this to be true. However, as a government we are responsible for the provision of relevant information to householders, schools, businesses and the wider community. Building awareness of renewable energy alternatives and energy efficiency will influence behavioral change and in turn nurture future generations committed to the reduction of carbon emissions.

As a Perth local and member of many boards and community groups, Eleni understands the vast and varied issues affecting your community. The Perth electorate is unique to the State in that it features the City centre, entertainment precincts, cultural hubs, residential areas, schools and shopping centres. Understanding and servicing the needs of the varied interest groups is challenging and Eleni’s role on Boards such as the Perth City Liquor Accord (which she chaired) and membership of the East Perth safety community forum, Business Improvement Group of Northbridge and City Safe community forum, provides insight into the real issues affecting everyday life in your community.

Such a #pleasure to spend time with former PM John Howard and The Hon @ColinBarnett in our city speaking to #people… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/832487576116224000

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North Perth WA 6006

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