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Frank Alban

Member for Swan Hills

Frank grew up in the South West town of Pemberton after immigrating to Western Australia from Northern Italy in 1956. Together with his family, he was an active member of the tight-knit country community.  In his youth, Frank won various leadership awards including Citizen of the Year for the Manjimup district. Frank also played country football for 16 years and represented the combined Lower South West Team between 1970-1973.

After leaving school Frank worked on his family farm before purchasing his own property in Manjimup, Western Australia in 1972.  He soon expanded his holding by purchasing a broad-acre farm of 3300 acres in Binya, New South Wales and finally Ballarat, Victoria. Withdrawing from agriculture after the wool market collapsed in 1986.

Frank then embarked on a new career in Real Estate in Ballarat, Victoria and became a part owner of an agency.  He saw firsthand the importance of strong economic management when in the 1990’s a large portion of his Real Estate business dealings were with bank default listings. Due to high interest rates in “The recession we had to have.”

Frank has been a Member of Parliament since 2008 and is committed to representing the people of Swan Hills.  Frank and his wife Shauna live in Guildford and have four children and everyday face the same issues that many growing family face.  Frank knows the importance of a safe and vibrant community that values hard work and integrity.  Frank is experienced, qualified and will continue to work to make the Swan Hills an even better place to live.

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