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Jim Chown

Shadow Minister for Agriculture & Food; Regional Development; Royalties for Regions; Fisheries

Member for Agricultural

Hon Jim Chown MLC represents the Agricultural Region in the Western Australian Parliament. Having first been elected to the Legislative Council in 2008, Jim was re-elected in 2013 and in 2017.

Previously a farmer, it was Jim’s passion for the land and his understanding of challenges faced in the Agricultural Region which inspired him to enter Parliament, to represent and assist others in agricultural areas. This has allowed Jim to highlight and improve, within government, the needs and challenges faced by regional Western Australians and our State’s economy. 

An active Member across the Agricultural Region, and with great interest in his portfolio responsibilities, you are most welcome to contact Jim if you would like to discuss any suggestions that he can assist with.

Jim has served as the Member for the Agricultural Region (2009 - present). His current and former portfolio responsibilities are as follows: Shadow Minister for: Agriculture and Food (27/6/19 – present); Fisheries (24/7/19 – present); Regional Development, Royalties for Regions: 25/3/17 – present). Parliamentary Secretary to the: Minister for Innovation (23/9/16 – 17/3/17); Minister for State Development (10/3/14 - 17/3/14 & 23/3/16 – 17/3/17); Minister for Transport (21/3/13 – 17/3/17); Minister for Agriculture and Food (31/3/16 – 23/9/16); Minister for Finance (17/3/14 – 08/12/14); Premier, Minister for Science (10/3/14 – 17/3/14); Treasurer (21/3/13 – 17/3/14); Minister for Fisheries (21/3/13 – 11/12/13). Deputy Chair, Joint Standing Committee on the Corruption and Crime Commission (21/6/17 – present); Member, Joint Standing Committee on the Corruption and Crime Commission (24/5/17 – present); Substitute Member, Standing Committee on Legislation; Inquiry into the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill 2017 (21/3/18 – 28/6/18); Member, Joint Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation (4/6/09 – 30/1/13); Member, Standing Committee on Public Administration (4/6/09 – 21/5/13); Member, Parliamentary Services Committee (22/5/13 – 21/5/17).

Office Details

5 Harvest Terrace,
West Perth WA 6005

Tel: (08) 9481 0082

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