Mark Lewis



Mark Lewis

Member for Mining & Pastoral

Mark was born on 27 November 1957 in Cunnamulla, Queensland. He was elected to the Thirty-ninth Parliament for the Mining and Pastoral Region on 5 April 2013, with his term commencing 22 May 2013.

Mark was raised on a farming and cattle property in Queensland. He studied animal production and health at Queensland University and worked for the Veterinary Services Branch within the Department of Primary Industries, mainly in the channel country and north Queensland.

In 1996, Mark and his family moved to Carnarvon where he fulfilled various positions within the Western Australian Department of Agriculture and Food. Some of these positions included Program and Regional Manager, Director, and Manager of Policy and Industry Development in the Rangelands, which co-incidentally approximately covers the same area as the Mining and Pastoral electorate.  More latterly and before joining Parliament he worked on developing irrigated agricultural opportunities and attracting investment to northern Australia.

Throughout his time in WA Mark has been involved on a number of government committees and boards including the Pastoral Lands Board, Rural Adjustment and Finance Corporation, a range of Ministerial taskforces and appointments, and a number of state and region-wide natural resource management committees.

The Mining and Pastoral Region is an area of 2,283,470 square kilometres and includes the Legislative Assembly electorates of Eyre, Kalgoorlie, Kimberley, North West Central and Pilbara. Mark believes his time in Carnarvon with the Department of Agriculture and Food, allowed him to acquire a keen understanding of issues in the Mining and Pastoral Region and develop strong working relationships with numerous constituents and stakeholders in the region.

As a Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region, Mark wants to ensure that the Government does everything possible to provide a platform to foster and encourage enterprise and industry in the region. Principally, he believes this should be targeted at the oil and gas, mining, agriculture, fishing and tourism industries, but he agrees that there will be other new and emerging opportunities that must be fostered.

Mark is particularly interested in the progress of the following projects;

  • Converting the significant amounts of water the Mining and Pastoral Region is blessed with, towards Western Australia’s future food security;
  • Significantly streamlining approvals processes for projects within a risk management framework, particularly in the oil and gas, mining, agriculture, fishing and tourism industries;
  • Establishing a flexible tenure system within the Mining and Pastoral Region’s vast pastoral estate, that is contemporary and fosters future growth in a range of industries and opportunities that will underpin the future of Western Australia;
  • Targeting infrastructure that sustains and grows long term productivity;
  • Increasing trade and investment in the region;
  • Creating new and diversified industries;
  • Value-adding to and within the regions supply chains; and
  • Equality in general in the government services to and within the Mining and Pastoral Region.

Office Details

Level 1, Sterling House,
8 Parliament Place,
West Perth WA 6005

Tel: (08) 9226 3550

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