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Wade De Campo

Candidate for South West

Wade De Campo has been Shire President of Manjimup for eleven years, having first been appointed to this role in 2005. He has been a shire councillor since 2001. 

Wade is a leading figure in the development of the south west region and has participated in the activities of many community associations. He now sits on the board of several regional groups including the Warren Blackwood Strategic Alliance of Councils, Conservation Commission of Western Australia, and the South West Development Commission. Wade also contested the seat of Blackwood Stirling in the State Election in 2009, as the endorsed Liberal candidate.  

Wade was born in Manjimup, grew up in Pemberton and has lived in the area all his life. He trained as a fitter and machinist on leaving Manjimup Senior High School and then worked briefly for Bunnings Bros at the Pemberton mill. At 21, he began working with the family business as a truck driver then transitioned into management of the company soon after.

Wade now runs the transport company, De Campo Transport, which consists of a fleet of nine trucks, supplying transport services within the State of Western Australia and long haul transport to the north-west and east cost. He also assists his brother when necessary managing a farming venture called Arden Downs. That operation produces about 3000 tonnes of potatoes each year, and interestingly, De Campo Transport transports approximately 60% of the state’s potatoes along with a variety of other products including the only family owned and operated French fry operation and dairy operation in Western Australia. Both are family-run businesses which he operates with his parents, Brian and Kerry, his brothers Brett and Glenn and his son Mitchell.

Wade has three children - Trent, Mitchell and Lara-Jayne - and his hobbies include fishing and gardening.