wendy jeffery



Wendy Jeffery

Candidate for Armadale

Wendy Jeffery is passionate about shining a light on Armadale – its natural beauty, business opportunities and vibrant community – and bringing forward a real vision for the future.

Working with her husband Wayne in their Armadale-based business, Wendy knows about the many opportunities and challenges that face small businesses in our community.  She is a strong believer in the need to develop growth industries that create sustainable, local jobs in key sectors such as tourism, healthcare and technology.

Wendy has worked extensively with the local community to develop arts, culture and tourism collaborations, including creating an event for the ‘Spring into Armadale’ Festival that showcased the talent of local artisans.

She is particularly passionate about ensuring that Armadale gets critical infrastructure, policing, healthcare and educational support. She is proud of the WA Liberal Government’s strong record in these areas.

As a mother of two daughters, she also understands what it’s like to be balancing work, family, childcare and other issues.  

Labor has neglected the people of Armadale for too long – Wendy Jeffery has the local vision and drive to be a new face for our community.