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Building A Better State

The Liberal Team are building a better State for WA families. Creating jobs and maintaining jobs...


WA’s pitch for defence contracts and jobs

Western Australia’s defence industry and aspiring defence suppliers will give na...

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Jobs Boost from part sale of Western Power

51% public float of Western Power to create the Next Generation Account This wil...

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State Election

The March 2017 State Election is fast approaching and we need your help to ensur...

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Meet Colin

Colin Barnett

Since being sworn in as Western Australia's 29th Premier on 23rd September 2008, following the 6th S...

Colin Barnett

Meet Liza

Liza Harvey

Liza Harvey represents the electorate of Scarborough in the Western Australian Legislative Assembly,...

liza harvey2

Meet Brian

Brian Ellis

Brian was elected to Parliament part-term on 16 July 2007 to fill a vacancy created by the resignati...

brian ellis

Meet Glenys

Glenys Godfrey

Glenys has had 15 years of experience as an elected member of the Belmont council and six of these a...

glenys godfrey

Meet Heather

Heather Reid

Heather Reid is an active member of the Bunbury and South West Community. As an Occupational Therapi...

heather reid

Meet Ian

Ian Blayney

Ian has lived and worked in the Mid West all of his life. Ian lives locally with his wife Barbara an...

ian blayney

Meet John

John Castrilli

At the upcoming State Election in March 2017, John Castrilli will be retiring. The Liberal Party has...

john castrilli

Meet Matt

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor MP is the Liberal Party candidate for the newly created seat of Bicton at the March 2017...

matt taylor2

Meet Peter

Peter Abetz

As your Member for Southern River, Peter Abetz MLA is experienced, hardworking and dedicated to maki...

peter abetz

Meet Peter

Peter Collier

Peter Collier was elected to the 37th Parliament for the North Metropolitan Region on February 26, 2...

peter collier2

Meet Robyn

Robyn McSweeney

Hon Robyn McSweeney was elected to the Western Australian Government as a Member for the South West ...

robyn mcsweeney

Meet Tony

Tony Krsticevic

As a local Member of Parliament, Tony Krsticevic knows the value of hard work, respect and positive ...

tony krsticevic2

Meet Linda

Linda Aitken

Linda Aitken is a wife, mother, grandmother, City of Wanneroo Councillor (for North Ward) and regist...

linda aitken

Meet Frank

Frank Alban

Frank grew up in the South West town of Pemberton after immigrating to Western Australia from Northe...

frank alban

Meet Ken

Ken Baston

The Mining and Pastoral Region is an area of 2,280,730 square kilometers and includes the Legislativ...

ken baston

Meet Liz

Liz Behjat

The Hon Liz Behjat MLC was born in England and arrived in Western Australia in 1966 with her parents...

liz behjat

Meet Sandra

Sandra Brewer

Sandra Brewer grew up on a dairy farm in Dardanup, with her family roots going back to the town’s fo...

Meet Ian

Ian Britza

Local Member Ian Britza MLA is a vital member of Colin Barnett’s team. He’s a forthright Member who ...

ian britza

Meet Lily

Lily Chen

Ms Lily Chen graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and wa...

lily chen

Meet Jim

Jim Chown

Hon Jim Chown MLC represents the Agricultural Region in the Western Australian Parliament. Having fi...

jim chown

Meet Rob

Rob Coales

Rob Coales is a hard-working Western Australian, a family man, a volunteer and someone you can trust...

rob coales

Meet Joanna

Joanna Collins

Joanna Collins has lived and worked in the East Metropolitan Region for the majority of her life. Jo...

Meet Murray

Murray Cowper

Murray Cowper was elected to the Western Australian Parliament in the seat of Murray on February 26,...

murray cowper

Meet Bill

Bill Crabtree

Bill Crabtree was born in Pemberton, raised on a south coast farm, studied at Jerramungup and Melvil...

bill crabtree

Meet John

John Day

John Day has lived most of his life in the Perth Hills. He loves the fantastic and unique lifestyle ...

john day3

Meet Wade

Wade De Campo

Wade De Campo has been Shire President of Manjimup for eleven years, having first been appointed to ...

wade decampo

Meet Phil

Phil Edman

The Hon Phil Edman MLC was born in Tamworth, New South Wales, in 1970 and arrived in Western Austral...

phil edman

Meet Eleni

Eleni Evangel

With an academic and professional background in education and media, City of Perth Councillor of eig...


Meet Donna

Donna Faragher

Donna Faragher was first elected to represent the East Metropolitan Region in the Legislative Counci...

donna faragher

Meet David

David Forbes

Dr. David E. Forbes is an internationally experienced Business Manager, Skilled Communications Advoc...

Meet Joe

Joe Francis

Joe has been the local Member for Jandakot since the year 2008.Prior to being elected, Joe was a ser...

joe francis

Meet Raymond

Raymond Gianoli

Ray Gianoli is a father, businessman and a proud local resident of Perth’s eastern suburbs.Married t...

ray gianoli

Meet Nick

Nick Goiran

Hon Nick Goiran MLC was elected to the 38th Parliament of Western Australian as the Member for the S...

nick goiran

Meet Warren

Warren Greatorex

Warren Greatorex is a community leader with a strong sense about the future and opportunities for th...

warren greatorex

Meet Kim

Kim Hames

At the upcoming State Election in March 2017, Kim Hames will be retiring. The Liberal Party has pre-...

kim hames

Meet Elysia

Elysia Harverson

Elysia Harverson has lived and worked most of her life in the Collie-Preston electorate, and wants t...

elysia harverson

Meet Chris

Chris Hatton

Chris Hatton has been a teacher for 30 years, including being the head of a department and a Senior ...

chris hatton

Meet Alyssa

Alyssa Hayden

Hon Alyssa Hayden MLC was elected to the Western Australian Government as a Member for the East Metr...

alyssa hayden

Meet Rod

Rod Henderson

A small business advocate, an active community and environment campaigner, family focused and a firm...

rod henderson

Meet Michelle

Michelle Hofmann

Michelle is a lawyer, wife and mother. She has been a candidate for the South Metropolitan Region si...

Meet Albert

Albert Jacob

Albert Jacob was elected as the inaugural Member for the Western Australian seat of Ocean Reef in 20...

albert jacob

Meet Graham

Graham Jacobs

Growing up from a rural background, Graham attended school in Esperance and then graduating from The...

graham jacobs

Meet Wendy

Wendy Jeffery

Wendy Jeffery is passionate about shining a light on Armadale – its natural beauty, business opportu...

wendy jeffery

Meet Peter

Peter Katsambanis

Peter Katsambanis is the endorsed Liberal Party candidate for Hillarys at the upcoming State Electio...

peter katsambanis

Meet Zak

Zak Kirkup

Zak didn’t come from a political family or a family that focused much on the political facet of life...

zak kirkup

Meet Dame

Dame Krcoski

Damé Krcoski is a father, small business owner and proud local. Damé is the co-owner and Manager of ...

dame krcoski

Meet Sean

Sean L'Estrange

Sean is passionate about serving the people of Churchlands and the people of Western Australia.Sean ...

sean L Estrange

Meet Mark

Mark Lewis

Mark was born on 27 November 1957 in Cunnamulla, Queensland. He was elected to the Thirty-ninth Parl...

mark lewis2

Meet Amanda

Amanda Madden

With an academic and professional background in education and business, Amanda Madden is in tune wit...


Meet Bill

Bill Marmion

Bill has been the Member for Nedlands since his election in September 2008. Throughout his time in P...

bill marmion

Meet Steve

Steve Martin

Steve Martin has lived and worked in country WA for most of his life. He and his wife Debbie have ra...

Meet Alan

Alan McFarland

Alan has spent the majority of his life in the town and surrounds, yet still has expanded his horizo...

alan mcfarland

Meet John

John McGrath

As the Member for South Perth since 2005, John McGrath has used his extensive experiences outside of...

john mcgrath

Meet Douglas

Douglas McLarty

Douglas McLarty was born in Pinjarra and continues to live and work at his family’s beef property as...

Meet Libby

Libby Mettam

Having spent her childhood and most of her adult life in rural and regional WA Libby remains a count...

libby mettam2

Meet Paul

Paul Miles

Paul came to Australia from the UK as a child in 1970, with his family. They lived in Cedric Street,...

paul miles2

Meet Michael

Michael Mischin

Born in Subiaco, Western Australia, on 29 December 1958, before entering Parliament, Michael was a S...

michael mischin

Meet Andrea

Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell has always loved playing an active role in the community. With more than 15 years’ e...


Meet Ian

Ian Morison

Ian has 37 years’ experience as a lawyer. He is the owner and principal of Morison Legal Bunbury. Fo...

ian morison

Meet Helen

Helen Morton

Helen is currently serving her third term as an Upper House Member for the East Metropolitan Region....

helen morton

Meet Nathan

Nathan Morton

Nathan was elected to the Parliament on the 9th of March 2013. Nathan and his wife Amanda have two y...

nathan morton2

Meet Mike

Mike Nahan

Mike Nahan was elected as your local Member of Parliament at the 2008 election and since then, Mike ...

mike nahan2

Meet Dean

Dean Nalder

Dean is proud to have represented the local community of Alfred Cove since his election to State Par...

dean nalder

Meet Julee

Julee Nelson

Julee Nelson grew up in Carnarvon through the 1970’s when it was a thriving town with lots of shops ...

julee westcott

Meet Jan

Jan Norberger

Jan has lived most of his life in and around Joondalup, with his family moving to Australia from Ham...

jan norberger3

Meet Tony

Tony Norment

Tony Norment is an educator and lecturer and has contributed to inspiring learners to pursue self-aw...

Meet Simon

Simon O'Brien

The Hon. Simon O'Brien, MLC for the South Metropolitan region, was first elected to Parliament in 19...

simon obrien

Meet Kyran

Kyran O'Donnell

Kyran O’Donnell has lived in Kalgoorlie-Boulder for over thirty years and along with his wife, Pam, ...

kyran odonnell

Meet Daniel

Daniel Parasiliti

Daniel Parasiliti is a husband, father and local small business operator. Working as an independent ...

daniel parasiliti

Meet Barry

Barry Pound

Barry Pound is a Licensed Conveyancer and Licensed real estate agent who possesses strong leadership...

Meet Daryl

Daryl Pranata

Daryl is a husband and father of two young children whose association with the southern suburbs goes...

Meet Jim

Jim Seth

Jim and his family are active members of the Bassendean and Morley communities, living There since 2...

jim seth

Meet Tjorn

Tjorn Sibma

Tjorn Sibma was born and raised in Carine and, having lived and worked in Perth’s northern suburbs f...

Meet Tony

Tony Simpson

Tony Simpson MLA is the current Member for Darling Range, which is one of the largest and most diver...

tony simpson2

Meet Darren

Darren Slyns

Darren Slyns is a 43 year old, dedicated family man with a history of community service and success ...

darren slyns

Meet Greg

Greg Stocks

Greg Stocks is a long term resident of the Albany community. Coming from a working class background,...

greg stocks

Meet Michael

Michael Sutherland

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1954, Michael Sutherland was brought up in a loving and hardwo...

michael sutherland2

Meet Steve

Steve Thomas

Dr Steve Thomas has a twenty five year history in the South West of Western Australia, with seventee...

Meet Tim

Timothy Walton

Tim Walton has lived in the North Metropolitan Region for most of his life – born in Mount Lawley, r...

tim walton

Meet Jason

Jason Wells

Jason Wells chose to make Kalgoorlie his home in 1999 when as a young graduate chiropractor he decid...

Meet Chris

Chris Wilkins

Chris Wilkins lives in Badgingarra with his wife Anne & two children. He is an agronomist and farm c...

Meet Julie

Julie Bishop MP

Julie Bishop is the Minister for Foreign Affairs in Australia’s Federal Coalition Government. She is...

Julie Bishop

Meet Ian

Ian Goodenough MP

Ian Goodenough was elected to the Australian Parliament in 2013, representing the electorate of Moor...

ian goodenough

Meet Rick

Rick Wilson MP

My name is Rick Wilson and I am proud and honoured to be representing the electors of O’Connor in fe...

Rick Wilson

Meet Chris

Senator Chris Back

Chris Back is a Liberal Senator for Western Australia. Chris was first appointed to the Senate for W...

chris back

Meet Michaelia

Senator Michaelia Cash

Michaelia Cash was sworn in as the Minister for Women, Minister for Employment, and also the Ministe...

michaelia cash

Meet Mathias

Senator Mathias Cormann

Mathias Cormann is the Minister for Finance and the Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate. M...

mathias cormann

Meet Andrew

Andrew Hastie MP

Andrew is ready to serve the hard working people of Canning as their local representative. Andrew is...

andrew hastie

Meet Steve

Steve Irons MP

Steve grew up in a large family. His foster father, David, was a local church minister and his foste...

steve irons

Meet Michael

Michael Keenan MP

Michael Keenan was sworn in as Australia’s Justice Minister in the 44th Parliament following the Sep...

Michael Keenan

Meet Nola

Nola Marino MP

Nola was elected as the Federal Member for the seat of Forrest on November 24, 2007. During the firs...


Meet Ben

Ben Morton MP

Ben Morton is proud to call himself a local resident of Tangney, living in Applecross with his wife ...

Ben Morton

Meet Christian

Christian Porter MP

On Monday 21 September 2015, Christian was sworn in as the Minister for Social Services by the Gover...

christian porter

Meet Melissa

Melissa Price MP

Melissa was born and bred in regional WA and understands the strength and diversity that comes from ...

Melissa Price

Meet Linda

Senator Linda Reynolds

Linda Reynolds is a Senator for Western Australia. Linda was elected to the Senate for Western Austr...

linda reynolds

Meet Dean

Senator Dean Smith

Dean Smith is a Liberal Senator for Western Australia. Dean was appointed to the Senate for Western ...

dean smith

Meet Ken

Ken Wyatt MP

Ken is the eldest child of Don and Mona Wyatt (Abdullah) who raised ten children who have succeeded ...

Ken Wyatt

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