Policy Committee

Policy is the lifeblood of politics. It is the mechanism that enables citizens to steer the laws that govern us to ends we believe will best serve the interests of our society.

For over six decades, our Party has been a breeding ground for robust policy from its grassroots members. Any individual party member has the opportunity to originate policy ideas for debate and possible adoption by the party.

The Party’s constitution mandates the election of a Policy Committee by State Council with the aim to generate and scrutinise sound policy while holding true to Liberal values.

The committee provides advice to State and Federal Ministers and reviews policies developed by the Parliamentary Party.

Serving as an avenue for Party members to put forward their ideas for consideration by State Council and State Conference, the Policy Committee aims to meet and liaise directly with Senior Parliamentary figures on a regular basis.

The Policy Committee is the conduit between the Organisational and Parliamentary Wings of the Liberal Party in Western Australia.

From time to time, the Policy Committee may form sub-committees to give special attention to specific areas of policy development. In recent years, the Federalism sub-committee has played a particularly crucial role in representing WA’s unique interests in Canberra.

The Chairman and the Committee often welcome participation by members of the Party not otherwise elected, especially where they may have specialist knowledge or expertise on particular policy areas.

The Policy Committee organises policy forums, debates and panel discussions with high profile speakers on key policy areas that may stand in need for critical dialogue.

It also publishes the party’s Policy Journal, The Contributor, and produces tutorial videos to help members better understand the Party’s policy process.

The committee is actively involved in assisting Party members across all divisions while providing regular policy briefings and to help draft appropriately worded policy motions.

The Chairman of the Policy Committee can be reached via email if you wish to put forward your ideas or issues.