Policy Committee

Policy is the lifeblood of politics. It is the mechanism that enables us to steer the laws that regulate our lives towards outcomes we believe will best serve our community.

For over six decades, the Liberal Party has been a breeding ground for robust policies proposed by its rank-and-file members. Every party member is free to put suggestions forward.

The Policy Committee is the premier body responsible for developing policies, advising the State and Federal Parliamentary wings, and ensuring that key policy decisions remain consistent with core Liberal values.

The Policy Committee provides routine advice to State and Federal Ministers and reviews policies developed by the Parliamentary Party.

Serving as an avenue for rank-and-file members to put forward their ideas for consideration by State Council and State Conference, the Policy Committee aims to meet and liaise directly with Senior Parliamentary figures on a regular basis.

It is the conduit between the Organisational and Parliamentary Wings of the Liberal Party of Western Australia.

There are eight Policy Subcommittees endorsed by State Council that are tasked with the responsibility of developing policies for different areas of public policy across various State and Federal ministerial portfolios.

    • Policy Subcommittee for Economics, Business and Industrial Relations
    • Policy Subcommittee for Law and Inter-Governmental
    • Policy Subcommittee for Health and Emergency Services
    • Policy Subcommittee for Education, Training and Employment
    • Policy Subcommittee for Energy and Natural Resources
    • Policy Subcommittee for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
    • Policy Subcommittee for Social and Cultural Affairs
    • Policy Subcommittee for Foreign Affairs and Defence

The Chairman and the Policy Committee often welcome participation by members of the Party not otherwise elected, especially where they may have specialist knowledge or expertise on particular policy areas.

The Policy Committee organises round tables with experts from many different industries and professions.

It is responsible for hosting policy forums, debates and panel discussions with valuable guest speakers on key policy areas that may stand in need of critical assessment.

It publishes the party’s Policy Journal The Contributor and produces tutorial videos to help members better understand the Party’s policy process.

The main Policy Committee and its eight Policy Subcommittees are actively involved in assisting Party members across all divisions with the drafting of policy proposals.

The Chairman of the Policy Committee is Dr Sherry Sufi PhD. He is available to listen to and assist Party members with policy development.

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Policy Committee

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