111 Code Yellows for bed block as ramping reaches new record

New figures obtained by the Opposition show 111 Code Yellow internal emergencies in the last year were a result of the capacity issues in WA’s crippled health system.

The figures show there has been 490 code yellows in the health system between 1 June 2020 and 1 June 2021.
“The real concern with this figure is that 22 per cent of code yellows are a result of capacity issues within our health system,” said Shadow for Health Libby Mettam.

“Fiona Stanley Hospital recorded the worst results with 25 of their 28 code yellows, or almost 90 per cent of code yellows because of a lack of capacity within the hospital.

“This is effectively one code yellow every two weeks, highlighting a system which continues to remain under resourced and under extreme pressure.

“These figures come as hourly ramping figures for the month of August are confirmed at a staggering 6,500 hours. This is 530 per cent above the 1030 hours which Roger Cook as Shadow for Health, described as a horror story when in opposition, and the highest ever recorded on record.

“These astounding figures represent the issues that are happening within the hospitals, reflecting the time our paramedics are having to wait with patients before they are accepted within the hospital system.

“We know our health system is in crisis with frontline health workers regularly being asked to do overtime and double shifts and unfortunately that is unsustainable over a longer period.

“The Labor Government have decimated our health system with an exhausted workforce that are unable to take leave and a massive backlog of elective surgeries. This has left the WA health system dangerously ill-prepared for covid and a ticking time bomb with time quickly running out.”