$1 million towards an Education and Culture building at the Perth Hindu Temple in Canning Vale

Apr 17, 2022 | Ben Morton, Federal Members

Families and worshipers at the Perth Hindu Temple in Canning Vale will benefit from a $1 million towards an Education and Culture building to provide spiritual and cultural classes for young people, if the Morrison Government is re-elected.

Federal Liberal Member for Tangney, Ben Morton, said the centre is an important part of the Tangney community.

“The Perth Hindu Temple is the oldest Hindu Temple in Western Australia and is visited by around 300 devotees every week, and up to 2,000 devotees when major events are held,” Minister Morton said.

“The Temple hosts educational programs, particularly for new migrants to Australia, providing them resources and skills to help adjust to their new life.

“The $1 million commitment by a re-elected Morrison Government will go towards improvements to the Temple’s facilities so the Hindu community can reach out and engage with more of our community.

“This includes providing developmental and educational activities for local children and young people.

“The new building will help bring families and groups together for cultural, social and community development activities.

“Australia is the most successful multicultural country in the world. That’s why I’ve been working with the local Hindu community for years.

“This commitment builds on the $250,000 of Federal funding I secured to upgrade their multipurpose hall in 2019.”

Only the Morrison Government has a real plan to deliver for Tangney and continue to build a strong economy and a stronger future.