Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan should tell Anthony Albanese that his Government’s radical shake-up of the industrial relations system will be a disaster for the mining and resources sector in this State.

The Premier has remained silent on the issue despite the State Government’s reliance on the revenue windfall from the booming sector.

This year’s State Budget highlighted the huge contribution the sector makes to WA’s coffers, with a cumulative contribution of $12.58 billion. This included $10.3 billion in iron ore royalties and $915 million from the North West shelf oil and gas projects.

“Mark McGowan is happy to take the money but why won’t he stand up for the sector when they need him,’’ Senator Cash said.

“Why hasn’t Mr McGowan been out there every day since the release of this Bill explaining why it will be bad for WA,” Senator Cash said.

“Compulsory multi-employer bargaining will increase strikes across the economy including in the mining and resources sectors,’’ she said.

“This will tarnish Australia’s reputation among international investors and we will be seen as a high-cost jurisdiction with complex and prescriptive workplace regulations,’’ she said.

“The entire supply chain in the mining industry could be dragged into protracted disputes, which lead to protected strike action,’’ Senator Cash said.

Senator Cash said that apart from the monetary contribution to the State the sector provided over 65,000 full-time jobs in Western Australia. Thousands of small businesses are also part of the mining supply chain.

“This industry is too important to be jeopardised by these radical industrial relations laws and Mr McGowan should put aside political concerns and stand up for WA,’’ Senator Cash said.