Amanda-Sue Markham

Liberal For Legislative Council

0415 503 085

PO Box 49, West Perth WA 6872


I’m Amanda-Sue Markham. Beyond my career, my greatest achievement has been raising my four children, now aged 22 to 28, with my husband of thirty years. All four are grown up, living independent lives, and contributing to society through their studies, work, and businesses.

My primary motivation for seeking a position in parliament is to improve our healthcare system and advocate for policies that support our frontline workers. I believe that Liberal values can drive positive change, leading to better health outcomes and a brighter future for all Western Australians.

My journey in healthcare began in Western Australia and has taken me across the country. I’ve spent many years working on the frontline in critical care, and today I hold a leadership role as a co-ordinator on a surgical ward.

After earning my Bachelor of Nursing, I completed postgraduate degrees in Leadership in Health & Human Services and a Master’s in Nurse Education. I have always been committed to professional development and work hard to ensure my team delivers excellence in quality healthcare. I love caring for people and take pride in mentoring the next generation of health professionals.

Throughout my career, I have seen firsthand the challenges facing our healthcare system. I want to streamline bureaucratic red tape, ensure fair funding, and promote professional development to empower our healthcare professionals. By doing so, we can deliver better patient outcomes and build a healthcare system that we can all be proud of.

With many years of experience in critical care and a passion for healthcare reform, I am well-prepared to advocate for meaningful change in parliament. My commitment to professional development and leadership experience in clinical roles give me the energy and expertise to navigate the complexities of healthcare policy and fight for a stronger Western Australia.

I am passionate about creating a brighter future for our families. Let’s work together to strengthen healthcare and build a stronger Western Australia. 

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