Anthony Spagnolo

Liberal for Riverton

0429 230 478

PO Box 2 Willetton 6955


I’m Anthony Spagnolo, your local Liberal for the district of Riverton. I live locally, proudly calling Shelley home.

I believe in the importance of family, hard work and a community where all of us can get ahead. I am passionate about ensuring our community remains a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire.

Having a grandparent who is a long-term resident of retirement living in Rossmoyne, I appreciate the challenges faced by local residents in the later stages of life.

I currently work as a Senior Budget Adviser in the Commonwealth Government where I assist with the development of the Federal Budget and measures to protect people’s jobs and make our economy stronger.

Growing up playing footy for the Bull Creek Leeming Junior Football Club at Beasley Park and completing high school at Corpus Christi College, I have a strong appreciation of the opportunities our community has to offer young people.

I completed my education at the University of Western Australia, graduating with degrees in Commerce and Arts. I’m grateful for the opportunities provided to me by our world-class education system and I believe everyone should have the same opportunities that I did.

I know our community understands the power of working together.

As the grandson of migrants who left their country of birth to give their kids and grandkids a better future, I share the deep sense of aspiration shared by families in our local community.

The story of my grandparents coming to Australia for a better life is not unique. It is the same story that generations of Western Australians have lived. It is the story of our local community. A story of hope, of aspiration, and of making hard choices to achieve the best for your family.

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