Simon Ehrenfeld

Liberal For Legislative Council

0481 359 466

PO Box 49, West Perth WA 6872


I’m Simon Ehrenfeld, your local Liberal candidate for the Legislative Council. Born and bred in Western Australia, I am married with four children and hold two master’s degrees from the University of Western Australia—one in Business Administration and another in Management Research.

My career has spanned various industries, including serving as CEO of a top 10 publicly listed Internet company. This experience has given me a profound understanding of the challenges involved in obtaining a good education, running a business, paying off a mortgage, volunteering, caring for aging parents, and raising a family.

My father, a Holocaust survivor, instilled in our family the critical importance of protecting the social and cultural institutions we often take for granted in Australia. His resilience and values deeply influence my commitment to public service.

I aim to make a transformational contribution to the future of Western Australia. Given our state’s unique position as one of the most isolated yet resourceful communities in the world, I believe we can leverage our distinctiveness to build a society that our children need and deserve.

In the Legislative Council, I will promote measures that create a more secure, family-oriented framework at the broader level, while reducing bureaucracy and government intervention at the individual level. I advocate for a state parliamentary team enriched by members with strong business and financial backgrounds who also appreciate the social and cultural dimensions of policy. As a staunch Federalist, I am dedicated to championing Western Australia’s interests vigorously.

The combination of my experiences will be leveraged to ensure the Legislative Council fulfils its original purpose of scrutinising the government effectively. I believe in the power of civic activity to drive meaningful improvements for Western Australia and am committed to giving back to the community through the political process. 

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