Tom Brough

Liberal For Albany

0459 752 805

PO Box 7222, Lower King WA 6330


Hi, I’m Tom Brough, your local Liberal for Albany. My wife and I love this community, and that’s why we’ve chosen to raise our family here.

Currently, I serve in many roles—husband, dad, neighbour, doctor, local councillor, Army Reserve doctor, volunteer firefighter, and tree farmer.

These roles have given me the privilege of representing our community and nation.

With this experience, I’ve come to deeply appreciate family, the contribution of all generations, and the resilience born of service, gratitude, courage, and a fair go. These values are essential for the community we want to live in, raise our families, and feel safe.

The electorate of Albany comprises multiple communities, each with its unique needs, from Wellstead to Rocky Gully, Kendenup to Goode Beach. While the big issues are similar, I will represent each community’s specific needs and take your voice to the State Parliament.

As a member of the Liberal team, I’m fighting for real action on the cost of living, better access to local health services, more resources for local police, and support for local businesses and entrepreneurs to create jobs.

I’m also passionate about ensuring local kids can learn and grow in a safe, healthy environment with the best educational opportunities. Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles all want action for their safety and future. I am with them 100%.

With your support, my voice will be strong and clear. You’ll always know my position and I’ll always do the right thing by you and your family.

Let’s work together to build an even better, safer, and stronger Albany.

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