36,000 Across WA Without Power Thanks to Flailing Energy Minister ‘Blackout Bill’ Johnston

May 25, 2022 | Neil Thomson MLC, State News

Both the Perth Metro and Kalgoorlie areas have experienced a wave of mass outages, with over 36,000 homes affected at today’s peak.

The Perth Metro saw 20,000 homes without power this morning. Kalgoorlie has seen its second mass outage in four days, with around 16,000 homes left without power and many having yet to be repaired.

WA Liberal Leader and Shadow Minister for Energy, Dr David Honey MLA said the outages show the Energy Minister has not ensured that our electricity networks are sufficiently reliable.

“We have seen the second mass outage in the Kalgoorlie are in under a week and a further 20 thousand in the Perth Metro area today. Once again, Minister Johnston is missing in action. He hasn’t given any explanation of the cause of the failures or what he is doing to improve network reliability.

“Where is his leadership during these events? No explanation, no valid reasoning except for four years of neglect under this Minister.”

Dr Honey said Western Australians shouldn’t be experiencing such frequent mass outages. Winter storms may explain some of the issues, but it is clear that grid stability has deteriorated under this Minister.

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region, the Hon Neil Thomson MLC said regional WA in particular has seen the worst from the WA State Labor Government when it comes to electricity supply.

“A regional city like Kalgoorlie suffering multiple mass outages within a number of days is simply unacceptable, Minister Johnston’s silence speak volumes and shows what he really thinks of the Western Australian community.

“The Minister needs to publicly explain why the backup gas turbine generators aren’t being used in Kalgoorlie during these blackout events.

“People are fed up with having to experience blackouts during normal weather events.

“I call on the Minister to explain the state of the electricity grid and start working to finally fix the problem,” said Mr Thomson.