$600 Electricity Bill Credit Flashback To WA Inc

Oct 4, 2020 | State News

Shadow Minister for Cost of Living Tony Krsticevic says the $600 electricity bill credit for all West Australian households is taxpayers finally receiving money drawn from funds linked to WA Labor’s darkest days.

“This is taxpayers’ money out of a levy which was brought in to pay for Labor’s scandalous WA Inc losses of $450 million in the 1980s,” Mr Krsticevic said.

“This money should be returned to West Australians. It is their money from Labor’s darkest days.

“WA families are in desperate need of it because they are struggling under cost of living increases of $850 every year since 2017 under WA Labor.

“But they need more than just a one-off payment. These $850 cost of living increases are an on-going burden.”