Ambulance Ramping Spiralling Out Of Control

Sep 20, 2020 | Ambulance Ramping, State News

Shadow Health Minister Zak Kirkup says ambulance ramping under the Labor Government is spiralling out of control, with the worst figures for the year recorded on Friday. 

“The previous record for 2020 set by the government of 162.3 hours last Monday was exceeded on Friday with 177 hours that ambulances were ramped at our State’s hospitals,” Mr Kirkup said. 

“This figure is the third-worst ever in WA history. Not only were ambulances ramped for a record amount of time, there was not a single ambulance available to respond to a priority call north of the river. And at one stage there were 13 ambulances ramped at Fiona Stanley Hospital. 

“These St John Ambulance statistics I have obtained are alarming. The Labor Government’s refusal to fix this systemic failure is putting the lives of West Australians at risk. 

“The Minister says that ramping includes cleaning the ambulance and paperwork. 

That is a blatant lie. Ramping figures only include the time paramedics wait to hand over a patient. 

“Our doctors and nurses do an amazing job. They deserve to be supported by a transparent and honest government which cares about the health of West Australians and invests in our hospital system accordingly. 

“Ambulance ramping has now reached crisis point in our community. It is concerning this is happening at a time when Western Australia doesn’t have community spread of COVID-19 or a flu outbreak. 

“The Government’s inaction is putting the lives of West Australians at risk. They need to stop misleading the public and fix this now.”