Common sense at last on regional power limits 

Apr 3, 2023 | State News, Steve Thomas MLC

The Shadow Minister for Energy Dr Steve Thomas has welcomed the Government’s backflip on regional power supplies which will see country electricity users given the same access to supply as their city counterparts.
“In August 2021 the McGowan Government decided to cut many regional electricity users to 32 amps – half the supply amounts available to metropolitan users” Dr Thomas said.
“This was being applied any time a country power user made a change to their electrical system, with a new, lower circuit breaker required be installed.
“This caused major problems for regional users, who generally needed more current than city houses not less.”
Dr Thomas said the cutback of regional power was blamed on instability in the grid, especially on the growth rooftop solar panels.
“The initial cutback was poorly communicated, with many people only finding out when they tried to add or upgrade solar panels on their rooves.”
“In response to a community backlash and pressure from the Opposition the McGowan Government announced a so called “pilot program” to trial giving some regional energy consumers access to the same 63-amp level of supply they have always had before the new rules were enforced in February 2022” Dr Thomas said.
“Regional communities have always deserved the level of service as city dwellers, which is a level they have always had in the past.
“In fact, with the extra pumps and equipment they need to live, regional people need it more!
Dr Thomas said the McGowan Government should apologise for the power discrimination inflicted on country electricity users, and for the impacts this has seen on businesses in the regions.
“I welcome the backflip, but it should never have happened in the first place.
“It is the Government’s job to maintain stability in the grid, and if they are unable to do so it is not acceptable to put the blame and the burden on regional power users.
“In addition, people who have already have their power supply slashed need to have it returned.