Communities Deserve Answers After Narrogin-Wickepin Fire

Apr 22, 2022 | State News, Steve Martin MLC

After a fire tore through the Shires of Narrogin and Wickepin on the 6th of February, questions have been raised about what caused the blaze.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services released findings that the fire originated from clashing powerlines in 40° heat – a ‘risk’ that Western Power was already aware of yet had not resolved.

However, the Narrogin and Wickepin communities are still waiting on the findings of an official review being conducted by the Director of Energy Safety. The government have given no indication of when they might be handed down.

“When will the government release the results of the investigation into the fire?” Asked Steve Martin, Liberal Member for the Agricultural Region.

“Questions I have asked in Parliament about a release date have been left unanswered. The communities affected by the fire deserve an official answer from the government,” said Mr Martin.

“Over 18,000 hectares of farms and native bushland were burnt over the course of the Narrogin-Wickepin bushfire. Thousands of sheep were killed or put down and millions of dollars in property and machinery were destroyed.

“It’s incredibly lucky that no lives were lost that day.”

Farmers affected by the fire are also considering a class action against Western Power. This would be the first class action against the organisation since the Parkerville bushfire in 2014 which was caused by a rotten power pole falling to the ground.