McGowan’s Maskless COVID Holiday Sets Poor Example

Jan 5, 2022 | David Honey MLA, State News

Yesterday Premier Mark McGowan was given a big “dressing down” after embarrassingly being photographed maskless at the bar of an Exmouth pub in the midst of the current Delta and Omicron strains outbreak and a month out from WA reopening our borders.

“It’s good that the Premier was on holidays but he is from the Perth-Peel restriction zone and should be setting an example by wearing a mask, especially in the regions,” said Dr Honey.

While the Premier asks everyone to ‘do their part’ to stop COVID, the leader of our State takes time off mid-outbreak and without a mask in one of WA’s most vulnerable areas.

Leader of the WA Liberals, Dr David Honey MLA, said Ministers should be able to take holidays but the Premier choosing to take leave amid the Covid outbreak must be brought to question.

“I support Ministers, like anyone, being able to take time off with their family but WA is both in the middle of a spiralling COVID outbreak and on the cusp of reopening our borders.

“Premier McGowan also failed to wear a mask in a popular regional WA holiday town, which is very hypocritical when compared to his previous messaging about protecting regional WA.

“In the past the Premier has correctly highlighted the importance of taking extra measures and the need to set the right example to protect regional WA from a potential outbreak of COVID-19.

“His failure to wear a mask sets a poor example and undermines the medical and science-based policy imperative of protecting vulnerable regions from COVID-19.

“Also, I would not have approved the new Health Minister, Amber-Jade Sanderson being on holiday at the same time as the Premier. This means the failed former Health Minister and Deputy Premier, Roger Cook, is back at his old job during the current COVID outbreak.

“I believe most Western Australians would believe it is a mistake for both the Premier and Health Minister to be taking a holiday at the same time during a period of high vulnerability to COVID-19 in our community.

“This mistake is compounded by leaving Roger Cook in effective charge – someone who was recently removed from the health portfolio, in a clear sign that even the Premier does not have his full confidence,” said Dr Honey.