WA Labor’s Self-delusion On Healthcare Preparedness

Dec 23, 2021 | David Honey MLA, State News

WA Liberal Leader, Dr David Honey MLA, has slammed WA Labor’s inconsistent messaging regarding their management of our State’s healthcare system.

“Just because Minister Sanderson is the new Health Minister doesn’t mean the issues magically disappear. It is absurd in her first interview as the replacement Labor Health Minister to insist that “all the work that we need to do to make sure we’re ready” has been done (p5 West Australian, Wednesday 22 December 2021).

“Her ill-judged comment should fill all Western Australians with alarm.

The reality of our State’s healthcare system under WA Labor is the worst ambulance ramping ever in WA’s history – now at 50,802 hours, over 490 code yellow shutdowns of our Public Hospitals and the cancellation in November alone of 1,620 elective surgeries resulting in a surgery waitlist, which has blown out to more than 29,000, a 38 per cent increase under WA Labor.

“If Minister Sanderson’s track record as Environment and Climate Action Minister is any indicator, we shouldn’t expect much improvement under her as the new Health Minister.

Dr Honey added WA Labor has left critical sectors unprepared despite a huge budget surplus, a double majority and nearly two years without COVID in the community.

“WA does need to open up to the rest of Australia and the world. Certainty about this reopening is wanted by Western Australians as is a well-prepared healthcare system.

“Under WA Labor, we also have a housing crisis with nearly 18,000 West Australian’s not being able to get public housing, over two-year wait times, low vacancy rates and a growing homelessness problem.

The expected influx of new arrivals is very much needed to fill our worker shortage, but WA Labor needs to have the proper transition plan in place for our return to normality.

“While as announced, WA must open from 5th February 2022, this Government needs to be aware that these problems have got much worse under them and will not go away, certainly not by more PR spin from WA Labor such as a mere change of Ministers.

“There needs to be plans in place to accommodate new arrivals, permanent and visiting alike, as the current systems cannot support the population as it stands.

“WA Labor can’t even guarantee there will be a teacher for every classroom next year.

“I hope that when the borders are eased, the critical health, education and housing sectors do not hit a breaking point due to the poor transition planning and mismanagement under Labor”, said Dr Honey.