Health Of Our Children More Important Than Budget Surplus

Jun 22, 2020 | State News

Shadow Health Minister Zak Kirkup has called for immediate funding from the McGowan Labor Government to the State’s allergy clinic after the shock revelation of an allergy crisis in Western Australia. 

“We’ve seen examples of where children have been on the waitlist and have had their lives put at risk because they haven’t been able to see specialists who can help with their allergies,” Mr Kirkup said. 

“It is absolutely unacceptable to see such a high number of children have been referred to the Perth Children’s Hospital allergy clinic and who have yet to see a specialist. 

“The McGowan Labor Government needs to provide immediate funding. They appear more focused on a Budget surplus than on the health of our children. 

“It is a fundamental priority of every state government to ensure that the health needs of our children can be met and prioritised above all else. 

“The Premier and Health Minister need to explain why it is that there has not been adequate funding for our State’s allergy clinic and why children’s lives have been put at risk because of their inaction. 

“Western Australia has a world-class health system and it is completely unacceptable that any child can’t get the health treatment that they need and deserve.”